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How to Extend Your Electric Vehicle’s Range

6 Secrets to Make Your Electric Vehicle Go Farther

More and more people are opting to get electric cars, which is awesome for the environment, but it can be a real adjustment period, getting used to how they work. One frequently asked question we often hear is: “How can I make my electric vehicle go farther?” So we’ve collected this set of tips to help. If you have any other questions about this or EV charger installation, contact Root Electric today for assistance. 

1. Opt for the biggest battery you can afford

Premium electric vehicle batteries are not cheap, we know. But the bigger the capacity, the less often you’ll need to interrupt your day for a recharge, especially on long trips or while commuting. Because time = money in real life, choosing the bigger battery will save you both in the long run. 

2. Be Careful Using the Heat

In classic gas engines, the combustion process makes heat naturally, which you can use to heat your car. This doesn’t happen in electric vehicles, so there’s very little heat that gets generated without drawing extra juice from the battery to fire up the resistance heater or heat pump. Even Tesla recommends trying to limit the car’s HVAC system. Dress warmly and rely on the seat heaters on really cold days. 

3. Don’t Punch It for Acceleration 

The same is true for cars that run on gasoline. The more you “punch it”, the more you tax the battery, which can wear it out more quickly. So just drive and accelerate at a sane pace unless you have a situation that calls for quick acceleration to stay safe. 

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4. Watch Tire Inflation

Again, this makes sense for any vehicle, electric or combustion. But in the case of EVs, you don’t have to get your oil changed regularly, which is when you’d normally get your tires checked. You have to remember to do that regularly on your own in order to keep your battery running efficiently. Make a point of checking the tires at least monthly and it will de-stress your battery so it runs longer. 

5. Keep the Trunk Clear

Any extra weight you keep in the trunk is going to make the battery work harder. On average, people may load 100-300 extra pounds in their vehicles on any given day and just leave it there. We all do it. But if you don’t need those things in your trunk on a day-to-day basis, store those things in the garage and your battery will go farther. 

6. Keep Your Car Warm in Winter

Make sure to check your EVs owner’s manual about cold weather protocol. Simply put, batteries don’t like the cold. Low temperatures can lower the range of an electric car. Keep it plugged in overnight if you have to park outside, but if you can, keep the car in the garage overnight where it won’t get as cold. 

Each electric vehicle works a little differently, so be sure to follow your owner’s guide for more ways to extend your car’s battery range. If you have questions about, or need EVSE installation in Northern Virginia, contact Root Electric today.


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