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This article has been published at Old Bridge Observer over 10 years ago on July 21st, 2007. It shows our commitment to help our customers as much as possible to give he best advice for Electricity and Safety at your home. 

Bill’s Safety Circuit
Bill Root, Licensed Master Electrician, Answers Your Questions About Electricity And Safety

I have the good fortune of working
 with many real estate professionals 
serving the public in the Old Bridge 
area. My skills are tested as the result
 of home inspections made by
 specialty companies highly trained in 
this field. One location in a home that
 especially comes to my attention is
 the attic. On too many occasions, I 
have seen hazardously performed
 electrical installations in this out of
 the way spot. 

The use of extension cords to wire
 anything in a home is an accident
 waiting to happen. The extension cord
 of choice seems to be the 3-wire
 outdoor type which can be found in
 various colors. This material is not an 
approved National Electrical Code
 wiring method and therefore is not
 safe. One home owner installed a 
receptacle in the attic using an
extension cord, then proceeded to 
wire ceiling fans with the same
 material. When finished, all there 
was to do was simply plug the 
extension cord into the receptacle to 
supply power to the newly improperly 
wired ceiling fans. Just because it
 works doesn’t mean it is safe.

Please, when tackling a home project,
 consult a professional or a “how to” 
book to keep your home in one piece
 and your family safe. 

Remember, knowledge is power -
 don’t be left in the dark.

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